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Lions, Tigers and Breaches, Oh My!

We are catching up summarizing the news that has caught our eye the second half of January. The criminals are up to their usual bad-actor behavior and sometimes questionable decisions are made, and our healthcare system continues to pay the price.

First up is Novant Health, who is settling a class action lawsuit to the tune of $6.6M after they allegedly used technology inappropriately leading to improper disclosures of protected health information (PHI).

In Mississippi Singing River Health System fell victim to a ransomware attack affecting 252,890 people.

Lastly, Concentra Health Services added four million more people to the nine million already reported as a result of the Perry Johnson & Associates data breach.

Unfortunately, protecting PHI is a continuous activity and until we retire, our job. Reach out if you need help understanding how to balance risk, security and compliance. There is no obligation and we don't share your information with other businesses (unless specifically requested).

Stay (HIPAA) safe,

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