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FTC Back in Action

In addition to the non-compete legislation hitting the streets, the Federal Trade Commission has been supporting healthcare patients with at least two recent actions worth noting. In addition to our Health and Human Services organization, the FTC works to protect us.

The first FTC action was with Monument, an alcohol addiction treatment service. Monument has been told to not disclose personal health data to third-party advertisers without consent. This direction, and a potential a $2.5M settlement, came after the FTC alleged that Monument disclosed consumer health information with companies including Meta and Google without consumer consent. This data breach was reported in April of 2023.

The second FTC action is a proposed order to Cerebral, an online mental healthcare platform. FTC has directed the company from disclosing health information to third parties. It is also alleged that Cerebral misled the public about their privacy and cancellation policies. Cerebral also faces a $7M penalty following their reported 2023 breach.

Third party tracking pixels or other technologies, as they apply to protected health information, must comply with the Privacy and Security Rule at least (i.e. the FTC enforces other laws than HIPAA).

Stay (HIPAA) safe,

Alan -

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