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HIPAA Security Rule Training

Why That "Annual HIPAA Training" Approach is Outdated

Your workforce is comprised of many specialists – from clinicians and human resources to program managers and HIPAA security officers. Each has their own unique duties within the organization. You’d never have a human resources specialist step in for a clinician. So, why do so many Covered Entities and Business Associates require the exact same annual HIPAA training to their entire workforce? It just doesn’t make sense, nor provide effective or efficient training.

Let Us Show You a More Effective Training Method

We know that HIPAA Security training needs to provide effective and efficient educational value for the time your employee spends away from their primary job. By using the four addressable implementation specifications that serve the HIPAA Security Awareness and Training standard, we have created an effective and time-saving HIPAA training program.

Using your company's organization chart, we will work with your team to present training subjects that all workforce members should understand. For example, we believe that every employee should know the difference between a security incident, a security violation, and a breach – and each should know what to do and whom to notify if one is suspected.

The Best Security Control That Your Company Can Have Is a Well Trained Workforce

Once we parse your workforce and recommend the training topics and training intervals for each group, we create short, training storyboard scripts. Upon your approval, the storyboards are converted into engaging videos using your training platform or through third-party video tools – no more boring PowerPoint slides to watch.


Adult learning should be short-interval and relevant to a person's job or profession. We provide this so the yearly, ineffective, hour-long HIPAA training is no more.

Let us help you deliver relevant training topics to your workforce throughout the year that meet the spirit of the Security Rule standard and the four implementation specifications, reduce ePHI risk, and increase the HIPAA Security knowledge of your employees.

We Can Help With Your Next Event

In addition to creating organization-specific HIPAA training, we have experience delivering group training at seminars, participating on expert panels, and speaking at conferences and events. Our presentations actively engage the audience to ensure topic understanding.

To learn more about our speaking or onsite training, send us an email. Just let us know what the event is and what topic(s) you would like us to present.

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