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Why Trust Proteus?


Principal, Proteus Consulting

HIPAA Compliance is Serious Business

Healthcare organizations dedicate significant resources to provide outstanding clinical service.  But a failure to comply with HIPAA may result in an Office of Civil Rights investigation, which is one of the most expensive mistakes a hospital or clinic can make.  Corrective Action Plans and Civil Monetary Penalties are costing companies millions of dollars each year.


We're not trying to scare anyone into HIPAA compliance, but rather help build a program that addresses compliance requirements and implements mature data-security practices.

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Our goal is to help medical organizations showcase evidence of compliance and build an effective compliance-security-risk management culture that spans the organization.

What You Can Expect Working With Us

HIPAA compliance is our sole discipline.  It’s all we do. When you work with Proteus Consulting your company will receive a partnered approach that emphasizes coaching and education.  And while we have decades of information services experience and have worked many complex projects and programs, we aren't a multi-specialty technology company or a lawyer-group that serves HIPAA as one of many "verticals". One phone call will provide you and your team the same confidence that our client-partners already enjoy.

Why Our Company Is a Good Fit

We specialize helping critical access size hospitals, physician clinic groups and any small or medium sized organization stop struggling ineffectively with their HIPAA compliance program. We will get you away from those "Internet checklists" and other misleading solutions so you can be sure you're not jeopardizing your patient's electronic protected health information (ePHI) and your company's business reputation.

Proteus supports private and public sector Covered Entities and Business Associates.  Whether we are called upon to train a workforce or complete a project to identify and reduce ePHI risks, you can count on us to protect you patients' information and your financial resources.

How We Are Different

Proteus provides program or project technical support without necessarily charging a paid subscription fee. We also push free quarterly emails that showcases our timely articles on industry best-practices, policy changes, and much more.

We don’t think of ourselves as a vendor, but rather a partner who is as committed to protecting your PHI data as you are and are as vested in your success.

Our Founder and Principal

After witnessing firsthand how many healthcare professionals were struggling to understand and implement a HIPAA Security program, Alan chose to create a company focused on teaching Covered Entities and Business Associates how to comply with Health and Human Services requirements and protect PHI. Alan’s previous experience leading information service organizations and programs has borne a collegial approach and the acumen to coach people through the HIPAA Security Rule’s technical details. Publishing many articles each year, Alan is passionately curious and enjoys keeping abreast of changes affecting HIPAA regulations and the technology used to protect PHI. Alan is a graduate of Regis University with a Master of Science degree in Information Technology Management.

Proteus is a veteran-owned business that proudly serves its community.  We have supported the Washington State Rural Health Association, the Oregon Health Information Management Association and Rotary International.  We serve on local city commissions and have coached youth soccer.

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