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Chicago's Lurie Children's Hospital Cyberattack

We all want to believe that a criminal cyberattack is only going to happen to someone else. Unfortunately, life doesn't work like this. Lurie Children's Hospital confirmed recently that their systems have been compromised and in response, taken offline. Let that sink in for a moment... in an age where EVERYTHING is electronic, from your patient encounter, to your imaging and diagnosis, to your billing and referrals, to food allergies, prescriptions and inpatient care - everything is stored in that electronic medical record system. The worst part for their team is that they don't know when their systems will be operational again.

We obviously have zero idea how well Lurie Children's Hospital complied with HIPAA, what security controls were involved nor how the criminals successfully launched their attack. What we do know is that you need a security strategy that starts but doesn't end with HIPAA.

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Stay (HIPAA) safe, Alan -

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