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IBM Reports Average Healthcare Breach is...

IBM reports that since 202, the cost of a healthcare data breach has increased by 53%, to $10.93 million dollars. Let that sink in.

Why blog about such a statistic? Aside from the enormous figure, some of our readers may underestimate the level of data protection or breach insurance; it's easy to not keep up with the cost of everything. Interestingly, the average data breach (i.e. all sectors) costs $4.45M, showing how the actions related to healthcare remain the highest. Healthcare's nearest cost competitor is the financial sector, at about half the cost ($5.9M).

We recommend our HIPAA and Security teams download and read the 78-page report, or at least look at sections usable to communicate to their decision makers the need to invest in compliance, security and risk management programs. Click the link to download the report.

Stay (HIPAA) safe,

Alan -

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