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HHS Publishes Helpful EMR Slideshow

Since assuming her role as Office of Civil RIghts (OCR) Director, Lisa Pino hasn't exactly set the world on fire closing cases. Likewise, we haven't heard any final decisions in support of proposals to The Rules. As such, our challenge is to find information to post that provide our readers some value. This week we tripped across a presentation from Health and Human Services (HHS) titled "Electronic Medical Records in Healthcare" and we've linked the slides to the graphic below.

The Costs of Data Breach and Protecting EMR & EHR Data slides may be something that a HIPAA Security Officer could communicate to their leadership and workforce, to drive the importance of continuing to protect health information. The slide deck also lists the "Top Data Breaches of 2021" and provides a nice visual to how a phishing attack works.

Stay (HIPAA) safe, Alan -

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