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FBI Flash Ransomware Indicators of Compromise Message

The Federal Bureau of Investigations has released a wonderful warning showing how criminals are infiltrating information services. This information highlights the importance of protecting system credentials (e.g. passwords, login ids, etc.) and what the impact is for compromised services.

As we've posted and spoken with our partner-clients for years, cybercriminals are professionals just like you, in that they've made their life's work studying and improving their abilities. Unfortunately, their work doesn't help people (like yours does) - it just hurts everyone.

Please share this information with your information services team and use the bulletin in support of:

  • §164.308(a)(5)(ii)(A), Periodic Security Reminders, and

  • §§164.308(a)(5)(ii)(C)-(D) Login Monitoring and Password Management.

Stay (HIPAA) safe,

Alan -

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