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Catching Up... A New HHS Website

We've got a handful of subjects that have been sitting on the backburner as we closed out last year and our goal is to get more posts up in the coming days.

On December 1st, HHS announced a new website for the 405(d) Aligning Health Care Industry Security Approaches program. From the announcement "...The HHS 405(d) Program website was developed in partnership with the HHS 405(d) Task Group which includes more than 150 individuals from industry and the federal government who have tirelessly collaborated and provided their insights because they believe there is only one way to fight cybersecurity threats..."

We see that the purpose of this new website is to "...enhance cybersecurity and align industry approaches by developing a common set of voluntary, consensus-based, and industry-led cybersecurity guidelines, practices, methodologies, procedures, and processes that healthcare organizations can use...". HHS new site also "...features healthcare-focused resources such as cybersecurity posters and infographics, installments of the bi-monthly 405(d) Post newsletter, 405(d) Spotlight Webinar recordings, and threat-specific products to support cybersecurity awareness and training effort...".

Time will tell the utility of this new resource and we encourage our partner-clients to evaluate whether HHS' new work will help their program.

Stay (HIPAA) safe,

Alan -

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