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A Small Social Media Reminder

Elite Dental Associates of Dallas is paying $10K and adopting a two-year CAP to settle a case where they responded to a social media post and included ePHI in the process. This isn't the first post we've made in support of what is acceptable social media content. While the HIPAA Security Rule doesn't mandate a social media policy and procedure, it's not a bad idea to at least include social media responsibility as a periodic security reminder or as part of interval HIPAA training. And a policy and procedure isn't overkill if you have the time and expertise.

We took a moment to look this company's Yelp reviews and (updated?) responses. Looks like they've learned how to properly respond to compliant...

Remember, patients can say what they want about their medical information online. Covered Entities and Business Associates cannot (without permission). Click the graphic below if you want to read more about this case on the HHS website.

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